VOU is an explosive and vibrant Pacific experience that transports you to our island paradise, rich in ancient stories, tradition and culture. Through the medium of live music and dance, VOU (meaning new in Fijian), is the blending of old and new, traditional and contemporary. VOU delivers traditional storytelling through the media of contemporary dance and music showcasing VOU’s unique signature. VOU is Fiji’s most versatile and internationally renowned performance Dance Company that has performed hundreds of shows across Fiji and abroad showcasing a wide range of styles from Pacific, Bollywood, and traditional Fijian meke to Contemporary, Jazz, Ballet, Ballroom dancing and many others.

Latest News and Events

VOU Dance Company travels to Europe on the 22nd of June. They will be performing in the following places with the following dates:

June 23 – June 24: The Place, 17 Dukes Rd, Bloomsbury, London WC1H 9PY, United Kingdom
June 28 – July 1: Stryriarte Festival, Graz, Austria

Term 3 Enrolments begin July 10 – July 28, 2017

Important Announcements

VOU School Enrolments for term 2 are now closed

The VOU Schools in Nadi and Suva

The VOU School offers 4 terms (of 8 weeks) per year in both Nadi and Suva, and has the highest standard of arts education available in Fiji to all ages and all abilities. Dance courses include Contemporary, Hip hop, Jazz, Ballet and cultural forms of dance such as Fijian Meke, Pacific Dance and Bollywood.

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