Anyone for an Island Vibes Homegrown Fiji tour? Yes please!

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Artists in Fiji are always lamenting that there are not big local festivals to play at, to build a festival
culture and encourage audiences to celebrate local artists….. to the rescue – Island Vibes Homegrown
tour 2015!

The Island Vibes Homegrown Fiji Tour 2015 is planned to be Fiji’s biggest Reggae, RNB and Hip-Hop
music concert to date. According to the organizers, namely, the Infinity Events Group and Hope Fiji, this
is the first of its kind and will mainly feature established and upcoming local artists in their different

Their plan is to have 3 shows, Suva – 2nd October, Nadi – 30th October and then finally Labasa – 6th
November. Each of the shows will feature an approximate number of 25 local artists and 2 international
guest artists, one of whom is JahBoy, a singer/songwriter from the Solomon Islands.

Hope Fiji, a non-profit organization which manages and develops young musical talents in the country,
believes that this tour would be an amazing platform for local artists to experience  performing at an
international standard concert, in terms of scripting, directing; the whole works.

This is also an opportunity for local dancers to network as they have also included sections in the
concert for interested dancers. Audition dates have still yet to be confirmed with the full list of
performers at each show. Stay tuned for more information on how you can be involved, the show
details and artist line up.

“Being a part of something special makes you special” –Rachel Berry on Glee

Sevuloni Lule


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  • DJ Christonite

    As a Fijian DJ/Producer, I commend Infinity and Hope Fiji for this step, and look forward to an amazing tour! This is the REAL Fijian flavor, Straight out of the kitchen, no commercial packaging, no artificial preservatives, just the way we like it here in the islands!

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