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Veiqia21 at Women of the World Festival

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VEIQIA as it is traditionally known, was the custom commonly bestowed on young Fijian women coming of age. The process involves the traditional tattooing of young women celebrating and acknowledging…

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Traveling with a group of Dancers. Tips for a Controlled and Non-panicked Trip

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Edwin Saladoka blogs about his experience traveling to Spain. Edwin was trained under the guidance of our previous tour manager and logistics person, Vanessa Eden who has started her own…

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Sachiko Soro travels to the Big Apple for Performing Arts Conference

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  Last month, VOU Director Sachiko Soro embarked on a week long journey to New York to participate in the International Society for the Performing arts conference. Have a read…

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A Career in the Arts?

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VOU dancer Ella Carling talks about how a career in the arts is just as important as any other career. Ella is one of the few students that has been…

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VOU’s adventures in Slovenia

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Festival Lent in the city of Maribor, Slovenia was an amazing experience we will never forget. I have decided that the Slovenians are the “Pacific Islanders” of Europe. They are…

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VOU winning the Sustainable Practice Award 2016

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Creative Carbon Scotland announcing VOU as the winner of the Edinburgh Fringe Sustainable Practice Award 2016. With thanks to Alisa Vavataga from Solomon Islands Arts Alliance for accepting the Award…

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VOU in Latvia!

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Sulu Daunivalu is famous. Not only because he runs the very successful Pacific Art Gallery in Riga, Lativia, but also because he is the only Fijian in the Baltics. The…

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VOU dancer Sevu Lule in China

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There are currently 5 VOU dancers in China and they are there for a total of 2 months. Sevu Lule is one of them and here he describes his experiences…

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