VOU Dancer Edwin Saladoka loving his Bali travels

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The journey started with a three hour drive down to Nadi. It felt like any other trip we’d taken, costumes in the back seat, dancers chillin’ under the supervision of…

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Professionalism in dance

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By VOU dancer Ella Carling When you think of a profession you probably picture a smartly dressed, uniformed person in an office and not a sweaty, spandex clad person throwing…

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Hip hop training in Los Angeles

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Interview with VOU dancer Jiuta Tigarea Almost too good to be true!  Jiuta Tigarea is currently hip hop training at the Millenium Dance Complex in Los Angeles, which is the…

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VOU’s crazy busy Christmas show period!

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As told by VOU dancer and teacher Sharleen Ali Three weeks, seven 40 minute shows, 22 dancers out of which 7 were completely new to the dancing scene and staging…

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VOU dancer Jiuta Tigarea working hard on his dance passion Hip hop

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A dance blog update from VOU dancer Jiuta Tigarea who is currently studying Hip hop at the Millenium Dance Complex in LA, USA.

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VOU presents ‘WERK: A Percussion Adventure’. Reviewed by Derek Cleland

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WERK: A Percussion Adventure Directed by Navi Fong Dancers: Navi Fong, Rusi Kilibau, Andre Marseu, Rosie Weeks, Lina Suliana, Aidan Singh, Asena Volavola, Eddie Soro, Ella Carling I love percussion.…

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Our Co-dependent Climate Conundrum – Climate Change and the Pacific – what do you think?

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From November 30th to December 11th, Paris is hosting the 21st Session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change – COP21. To…

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New Zealand based artist Marcus Hipa – his journey as an artist and questioning peoples’ perceptions of identity

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Have you ever: Thought about how you make a snap decision about someone based purely on what they look like? Wondered why an artist would study for a Masters Degree?…

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Keeping the real Diwali Festival spirit alive!

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VOU dancer and teacher Sharleen Ali comes from a mixed heritage of Muslim and Hindu and is a VOU dancer and teacher.  Here she writes about how she sees the…

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If Only I was Made in China by Edwin Saladoka

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I was overwhelmed when I was told that I’d be one of the six going to China. Of course this was n’t my first trip out of the country, but…

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