RIDGE TO REEF | The journey to inspiration and creation

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Ridge to Reef | The journey to inspiration and creation by Navi Fong, VOU dancer, choreographer and teacher ‘Climate Change? That’s been done to death!’ was my immediate response when…

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The teaching journey described by VOU teacher and dancer – Sharleen Ali

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You might think you can’t teach, but maybe you can!  This is the story of VOU dancer and teacher Sharleen Ali’s experience of the dance teaching journey Teaching kids –…

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Top tips to get the best out of your dancing body

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A Balanced Dancers Diet – Nutrition Guide A Dancers body is our temple – it needs to be preserved Dancers have this old school stigma (especially ballet dancers) that we…

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Did the VOU concert inspire your children? Should dance question current issues? See the Mai Life Review

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What did you think of the VOU concert? Did it prompt a dance awakening in you or your children? The last piece by VOU dance group, choreographed by New Zealander…

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Anyone for an Island Vibes Homegrown Fiji tour? Yes please!

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Artists in Fiji are always lamenting that there are not big local festivals to play at, to build a festival culture and encourage audiences to celebrate local artists….. to the…

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Review of Vivian Hosking-Aue’s contemporary piece recently performed by VOU – what did you think?

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VOU – Vanua, Tamata, Bure VOU means ‘new’ but it should also mean brave. Brave in a way that not many artists living in Fiji are. Brave enough to push…

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Eleni in Canada

Our very own Eleni Tabua dancing in Canada

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I am a dancer. Ni sa bula maleka, my name is Eleni Tabua and I hail from the beautiful Yasana of Tailevu. In the year of 2011, I was enlightened…

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Navi dances to New Mexico

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My name is Navitalai Waqavotuwale and I am a dancer with contemporary Fijian Dance company VOU. I started dancing at the age of 16 at the VOU School and have…

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