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Festival de Martigues

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VOU was lucky enough to perform at the Festival de Martigues which took place over 1 week in July.  The festival included dance companies from other countries including Peru, Russia,…

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Edwin Saladoka in Bali

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VOU Dancer Edwin Saladoka continues his engaging musings on his adventures and experiences in Bali Landing in Denpasar, Bali was such a thrill. Turbulence, not to mention the amazing food…

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Edward Soro and his study experience at the University of Auckland

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What is so appealing about getting a degree or post graduate diploma or masters or PHD? Well for me is was no not really! I have  a full time job…

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VOU Directors Sachiko and Edward Soro on FBC’s successful Fijians segment

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Vinaka Vaka Levu for showcasing an artistic story FBC TV so showing young Fijians that you can ‘make passion your paycheck’ and make a career in the arts in Fiji.…

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Keeping Fijian culture alive

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“Noqu vosa noqu iyau talei  – My language my treasure” This is a clip aired by Tageta Pasifika in New Zealand when VOU performed there last year

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VOU performing at the re-launch of the Ratu Iloilovatu Gallery at FNU, Suva

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VOU performed and acted as painted statues at the recent re-launch of the Ratu Iloilovatu Gallery at FNU, Suva in the Fiji Sun. School of Art ‘Has World Potential’

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