VOU dancer Sevu Lule in China

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There are currently 5 VOU dancers in China and they are there for a total of 2 months. Sevu Lule is one of them and here he describes his experiences and feelings about being in China.

“With this China trip being my first ever official overseas trip, of course I was terrified. Terrified of flying and just the idea of leaving home for quite a while and to a distant land. But it was our purpose that overshadowed everything else. In my head, all I was saying was, “Sevu, this is happening and you never question destiny.” Everything was meant to be for a special reason, is what I like to think.

Arriving in Shanghai was just as exciting as getting there. We were welcomed by our very own translator and now good friend, Godwin. Such a friendly guy and he’s adapted so well to our crazy personalities. He’s one of the staff members that fall under the entertainment and performance department at Happy Valley Theme Park and the Playa Maya Water Park which by the way is in Songjiang district, Shanghai.

We had a special introductory performance in front of their performance directors and judging from the big smiles and kind words, we had made a good first impression. We had absolutely no trouble making new friends and found pleasure in hanging out with the Ukranian team here. About 10 girls and 1 guy. Such an incredible team with amazing technique. We were so honoured to have been asked to perform alongside this group for the opening of The Lake of Illusions at Happy Valley theme park. The displays were amazing. Apparently it was live on National TV.

We enjoy working alongside the Ukranian team as well as the Chinese team. We enjoy sharing our Energy, Spirit and Mana with them, as well as our crazy slangs and gestures like how to ‘dre’ when you leave a friend. At the moment, we perform at the Playa Maya Waterpark everyday, mornings and evenings and only at Happy Valley during special shows.

We’re enjoying being independent and being a responsible adult here in Shanghai. If there is one thing that I feel is a challenge ; it’s the massive language barrier. We smile a lot and use wide hand gestures to explain stuff most of the time. Hashtag appreciation! Cannot wait for what is in store for us the next day and days to come”.

Sevu will be back in Fiji in September 2016.

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