VOU HUB on Denarau, Nadi is the perfect getaway for you to experience live performances of full-length shows by VOU and interact with Fijian performing artists amidst the beautiful “off the beaten track”, natural setting surrounding its 450 seat circus tent. VOU HUB performers come from the most internationally toured dance company from the Pacific – the acclaimed VOU Dance Fiji and are all graduates from the Conservatorium Of Dance, ensuring the highest quality professional performance experiences are produced for you! Here are some of the shows you can enjoy at VOU HUB Fiji.

Fiji Untold

Divulge deep into the Fiji untold story of Mystical Giant women, Octopus Gods of the vast Fijian ocean, and a Shape-Shifting Iguana spirit adorned in the long-lost dance sticks of a village crying out for a hero. Your evening begins with a live drumming extravaganza! You will then be drawn into an enticing mix of contemporary and traditional song and dance performances, which awakens the senses and gives you a deeper understanding and connection with beautiful Fiji!

Cannibals Chase (16+)

The darkness descends on a cold bone-chilling night. You are lost in the disorienting deep of the jungle. Alone. Demented and deformed, the cannibals drive their teeth into the ivory moonlit flesh she’s still alive, screaming for help. Stay low. Stay hidden. Don’t make a sound. Or you’re next. One of them…doesn’t partake. He is still…watching. What is he looking at?
Cannibals Chase is a 45-minute walk through the bush at night time, so guests need to be physically able and have no heart conditions, epilepsy, or be pregnant. We recommend all guests to wear closed footwear and long trousers. The show runs between 7 – 9 pm so guests will be taken in small groups in 5 – 10 minute intervals. 

Island Adventurers (3 - 8 years)

Meet the Island Adventurers! With their skills combined, there is no problem they can’t solve! This fun team takes children with them on wild musical adventurers with their hilarious pet, Moko the lizard, and their wise advisory Lulu the owl. Come join the Island Adventurers as they go on a mission that takes them over rivers, through the forest, and even into mysterious caves! Along the way, children will learn interesting things and be invited to join in the singing and dancing fun!
The Island Adventurers show is interactive, educational and hilarious! With all funky and original soundtracks for our mini island adventurers to dance along with!

Sacred Flame

In ancient times in a mystical place on the Coral Coast, a Fijian community have been gifted the sacred flame that is said to hold magical powers. It is up to those protecting the flame to use it for good – however could fall into the wrong hands? A young village maiden Evi is coming of age and the village celebrates her womanhood, she catches the eye of the strongest warrior in the clan named Tuni and a fiery romance unfolds. An evil man Roko has gained power and control of the sacred magical flame and uses to cast a spell and seduce Evi to fall in love with him.
Sacred Flame Show is staged at Shangri-La’s Fijian Resort & Spa  and includes a sumptuous tradition Fijian Lovo Buffet Dinner to enjoy while watching the show.