VOU has a wide range of shows to suit any kind of event and venue. From ancient Fijian traditional chants and dances to upbeat modern Hip-hop and avant guard performance art.

Here are some of the shows we have to choose from. The timing of performances can be flexible to suit any program. We can also specially create original works on request to suit any particular theme or idea that you may want to realize to make your event magical for your guests.


VOU has a wide range of traditional Fijian dance or Meke. The meke we have are from different parts of Fiji and use different kinds or props (such as fans or clubs) and have unique vucu or chants.

We also have contemporary Fijian dance, which is a fusion of traditional and contemporary. These can be upbeat and lively and sometimes performed to live drumming.


Fiji has a rich percussive music tradition VOU a live contemporary mix of percussion, ranging from the traditional beats, using traditional slit drums or Lali to modern day Fijian percussion or “Qiri Kapa” which is popular with kids living in settlements in Suva played on biscuit tins, buckets, fuel barrels and anything they can find to make a lively jam!

We also perform traditional Fijian chant or vucu. That can be worked into any of our performances.


Since a large demographic of our nation has Indian heritage Bollywood dancing is super popular on our shores. Everyone is up to date with the latest Bollywood hits! And the VOU Bollywood numbers will add that extra spice to any event!


The Oceanic region is home to many diverse and ancient cultures. VOU has a wide Pacific repertoire, that has been gifted to us by visiting choreographers from around the region.


Jazz is a favourite genre of ours, we can take the audience back to the saloons of Chicago or have the audience tapping their feet along to their favourite Broadway show tunes.


An art form that is constantly changing and evolving in new dynamic ways for our younger generation that can’t get enough of this hip-hop style. VOU was even the first and only crew to represent Fiji at the World Hip-hop Championships in Las Vegas, USA.


Create a different world with roving circus characters, from jugglers to stilt-walkers, with fortune-tellers and human statues as well, VOU’s roving performances create a unique atmosphere.

We can do roving in many different styles and themes, suitable for cocktail parties, especially human statues and a Brazilian Carnival theme.


From the Passion of the flamenco the fun yet sensual Salsa, let VOU entertain your guests with our Latin fiesta theme, and can even get everyone up into a conga line!


Originally brought to Fiji from Samoa, fire dance has become a popular form in Fiji now. VOU has fire with a twist, adding some new contemporary elements beyond the traditional Fire poi and fire stick, we also use fire fans and fire hoops to create a daring spectacle that is punctuated with the crescendo of the fire sparkles to finish!


This is a full-length work that investigates the human costs of climate change on Pacific communities. Out of the 3,400 shows staged at the Edinburgh Festival in 2016, this production was listed with 26 other companies that had environmentally themed performances and was then announced the winner of the sustainable practice award. It is a moving 1-hour work that the List described as – “This dance reminds us of why dance exists.”

It is suitable for international festivals.


This work was first commissioned by an Austrian Theater, the piece looks at the energy and form of traditional Fijian ceremony. It has a sense of reverence as the dancers investigate in a contemporary way the manner in which ceremony takes place in a traditional context in various stages of life such as birth, marriage, death, celebration, apology and coming of age. It incorporates traditional objects that are of marked significance to the Fijian people and their reoccurrence at various stages of the life cycle in Fiji almost makes them a living art of the community.